How it works

JBCDN is easy to setup! Below are simple steps.
Create Storage Box

Simply fill out a name for your storage box, the url to pull files from and you're set!

Define Storage Quota

Right now we do not calculate by Traffic, we just calculate Space. If you need more you can contact us.

Launch Your Website

Got everything set? PULL Url, Interval? Then you are good to go and JBCDN is successfully integrated!

Host your Images.

Wether you need a storage box for your social network, forum or discussion board.

We support everything from static page hosting to images and scripts. You handle the uploads, we care for the rest.

Cached file serving from around the world

Do you want your website to be accessible everywhere in a fast manner?

JBCDN currently has servers in Europe and North America to support fast file serving for 2 continents!

Do you have any projects?

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Contact us

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